Additional post- reunion get togther survey

At our 50th reunion, many suggested getting together without waiting 10 years.   As many of us have, or are, celebrating our 70th (NO!!) birthday this year, we thought this would be a nice time to plan meeting up again.   This get together would not be a grand affair but a simple meeting in a restaurant or other facility where we could relax and spend quality time with each other.

One thought was to hold it in Florida on Sunday,-------------------.  Ruth Weiden Rabinowitz lives in a community that has a lovely clubhouse and serves a sumptuous Sunday brunch (cost approximately $30.00).  SInce many of us live, are snowbirds or have family or friends living in the South Florida area (Delray Beach/Boynton Beach) we felt this would be a nice change of pace.

The date of December 7, does not work for many since it is so close toThanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas - times everyone wishes to be with family.   Also, many of the "snowbirds" do not come down until January.  Therefore, we will look at dates in January, February or March.   In the survey below, an additional question has been added requesting your thoughts on the best month for the get together.  In order to start planning,  please respond to the survey as early as possible. 

Thanks to those who have already responded to the 1st  questionnaire.  Please answer the additional question.

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