Those Were the Days


 Below is a 1st grade class photo from PS77.  How many people can you name?  Send to "Contact Us" the names of those you can identify. Hint: Can you find Sandy Morganstein, Mike Moskoff, Flo Miller, Helene Goldberg, Toby Nudelman, Frances Gruber, Ralph Solimano and Gus LaRocca?  Who else is in the picture?
Those who have class photos from Elementary School, send them to us and we will put them on this site also.



In the top picture below are - from left to right - Angela Oxios Mulcare Concklin, Lorraine Lax Richardson, Alana (Elaine) Mascali, Efrain Acevedo (class of 59/60), Paul____?(class of 62) and Gloria Bird Kovacs

In the 2nd picture top row: Alana Mascali, Marianne Catrambone Schottenfeld, Efrain Acevedo, Gloria Bird Kovacs, Paul ?, Angela Oxios Concklin.  Bottom row: Sharon Sturtz and Lorraine Lax